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We carry out design of

civil and industrial objects

of any complexity


About the Company

“NPV ENGINEERING” Limited liability partnership was incorporated on August 27, 1997. Since then the Company had time to gain the reputation of a liable partner and expert in the sphere of technological design..

The main activity directions of the Company

Design activity
(I category License)
Urban design
(I category License)
Survey activities
(engineering-geological, engineering-hydrogeological and engineering-topographic survey) (I category License)
Technological design
(I category License)

completed projects

Reconstruction of fuel storage
at the stations Agadyr, Balkhash, Zhezkazgan, Moiynty
Cement plant
with capacity of 800 thousand ton of cement annually
Cement plant
capacity of 1500 ton of clinker brick per day
Industrial objects for «Kazakhmys» Corporation
including regime objects and I category responsibility objects
Mill complex
with capacity of 320 ton of grain daily
Reinforced concrete structures plant
Technological equipment storehouse
Working project "Shubarkol komir"
shift camp of the open-pit mine "Tsentralniy"
Reconstruction of storehouses into granulated offals production workshop
Construction of railway siding "Alaigyr" JV LLP
Karkaralinskiy Rayon, Yntaliyskiy Rural District. Concentrate froth storehouse
Multistoried residential building
with underground parking and auxiliary premises
Apartment residential complex
with built-in premises and parking, Astana
Rotational settlement
mining and processing plant

The list of projects under development and completed projects

  • Reconstruction of fuel storage at the stations Agadyr, Balkhash, Zhezkazgan, Moiynty
  • Construction of credit residential space with underground parking in Karaganda
  • Cement plant with capacity of 800 thousand ton of cement annually
  • Administrative building with a shop, Karaganda
  • Cement plant with capacity of 1500 ton of clinker brick per day

Working process

Our team

Yanishevsky Alexey Vladimirovich
Velichkovskaya Anna Valentinovna
Murzina Galina Grigorevna
Kurkin Alexander Vladimirovich
Главный инженер проекта
Zeitler Dmitry Viktorovich
Главный конструктор
Pikalov Alexander Vyacheslavovich
Помощник ГИПА
Lovyagina Margarita Igorevna
Главный специалист АР
Dzyubin Igor Anatolyevich
Главный специалист инженерных сетей
Nefedova Tatyana Vladislavovna
Ведущий инженер-проектировщик АР
Chernyavskaya Varvara Vyacheslavovna
Ведущий инженерсметчик
Borodulina Zoya Nikolaevna
Инженер-проектировщик АР
Imasheva Viktoria Valentinovna
Инженер-проектировщик АР
Rakisheva Inabat Bekovna
Инженер-проектировщик АР
Зверева Юлия Игоревна
Инженер-проектировщик АР
Varvush Oleg Viktorovich
Инженер-проектировщик КМ
Akhimov Timur Rustamovich
Инженер-проектировщик КМ
Гордикова Оксана Викторовна
Инженер-проектировщик КМ
Omarov Almas Bakhytzhanovich
Koshelyuk Denis Valerievna
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Spolitak Nikolay Sergeevich
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Zhamsheitova Leila Magomedzhanovna
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Stroya Natalia Alexandrovna
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Алесахина Наталья Николаевна
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Печникова Татьяна Андреевна
Инженер-проектировщик КЖ
Kazyulenene Lidia Pavlovna
Инженер-проектировщик раздела ГП
Mamaliga Darya Anatolyevna
Инженер-проектировщик раздела ГП
Kovalenko Anastasia Vasilyevna
Баркова Лилия Хамидуллаевна
Dergacheva Anna Alfredovna
Специалист по работе с прайс-листами
Smal Igor Nikolaevich
Инженер-проектировщик СС
Anisimov Sergey Nikolaevich
Инженер-проектировщик раздела ЭС
Reich Natalia Vladimirovna
Инженер-проектировщик раздела ЭС
Kussainov Marat Sabirovich
Инженер-проектировщик ОВ
Dergachev Valeriy Nikolaevich
Инженер-проектировщик ТХ
Bulatov Arman
Инженер-проектировщик ТХ


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